1. Canon Drops Prices on Several ‘L’ Lenses

    Well, this is a new one. It looks like Canon has dropped the retail prices on several of its L-series lenses. While it is common to see rebate deals pop up throughout the year, it looks like this i…

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  2. PSA: Sunblock is Bad For Your Camera

    Sunblock can bend the polycarbonate of your camera.

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  3. A Bunch of Random Hard Drive Speed Tests

    As a freelance editor I get a lot of hard drives sent to me with footage to edit. Usually all of that media is transferred off of those hard drives and onto a RAID for editing. Occasionally I might have a quick turnaround or just fixes on a project and I’ll cut right off the hard drive sent to me. The faster the drive the better for both of these tasks. I’ve been keeping a running log of hard drive speeds for the last few months and with the help of Blackmagic’s Disk Speed test I offer up this cornucopia of various drive speed tests and their connections. Little commentary is provided here but if you have a production asking why you’re questioning their use of a cheap little black Seagate drive from Target then send them to this blog post to see exactly what slow speeds that cheap drive will mean and how that will add time to editorial because of file transfers alone.

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  4. Firmware Friday: Nikon ships big update for D4S; 7 more Leica, Nikon, Pentax SLRs get new firmware too

        After a couple of weeks with no firmware news, Firmware Friday is back with all guns blazing, as no less than seven DSLRs from Nikon and Pentax receive updates, and Leica promises three more for its cameras will be arriving shortly.…

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  5. First picture and specs of the rumored Zeiss Loxia 50mm f/2.0 Planar full frame manual focus lens | Photo Rumors

    As I previously reported, the first two Zeiss Loxia full frame manual focus lenses will be 35mm f/2 and 50mm f/2. Here is the first leaked picture of the Zeiss

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  6. DxO Optics Pro update adds Nikon D810 support, hits a major milestone for optics support

        Just in time for the start of our Nikon D810 review Shooter’s Reports, French software company DxO Labs has released an update supporting the camera in its flagship application, DxO Optics Pro. The update to Optics Pro v9.5.2…

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  7. Professional Platforms for Sales and Marketing Videos

    Clients ask you to wear many hats. In addition to producing & editing video, you may be seen as the expert in online video distribution.

    Using YouTube or Vimeo Pro to host and embed videos is a pretty safe choice. Both platforms provide great video playback and instant access to large communities that can expose your content to a broad audience. However, they may not always be the best choice for you or your clients.

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  8. Pentax K-S1 Digital SLR Announced Today by Ricoh Imaging | Digital Camera Review

    Denver, Colorado August 27, 2014 – Focused on expanding the number of PENTAX DSLR owners, RICOH IMAGING AMERICAS CORPORATION is excited to announce the launch of the PENTAX K-S1 DSLR camera. By combining proven imaging technology, distinct design cues and a flat field user interface (UI) the K-S1 appeals to the next generation PENTAX owner without surrendering the performance expected in a mid-class camera.

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  9. Video Review: Slavik Boyechko looks at the Libec ALLEX S combined Tripod and Slider kit

    Guest post Slavik Boyechko: There are so many good tripods, fluid heads and sliders out there. It’s nice to have a lot of options, but it can also be overwhelming, especially for DSLR shooters look…

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  10. Do you think about the motivation behind camera motion?

    An article discussing the importance of motivation behind camera motion

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