1. How to Keep Your Camera Gear Dry and Dust Free

    Don’t get caught off-guard by rain on your next shoot. I show you two of my favorite bags (including pouches) that can work with your existing camera gear.  Learn how to protect from snow, rain, du…

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  2. Metabones finally release Canon EF to Micro 4/3 active mount adapter - fits GH4

    By site editor Dan Chung: Metabones have finally released what has to be the most eagerly awaited lens adapter of recent times. The new Canon EF to Micro 4/3 active adapter has a 0.71x magnificatio…

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  3. Arri AMIRA UHD upgrade will soon enable 3840 x 2160

    Arri just announced that their the Arri AMIRA UHD upgrade will soon enable internal 3840 x 2160 recording to ProRes at up to 60fps.

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  4. Attention Filmmakers: Announcing The Silver Sound Music Video Film Festival | Fstoppers

    We all know that as DSLR technology improves, more of us photographers are trying our hands at creating video content. One of the easiest ways to do that is to shoot music videos for your pre-existing music photo clients and friends. I know that’s how we built the portfolio for our production comapny, orignially. Well, our friends over at Silver Sound are throwing a music video film festival and you now have a great chance to have your music video work recognized and even win prizes!

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  5. Crowdfunding Film Projects: Is It for You?

    Since recommending —  and regretting investing in — a Kickstarter project that hasn’t turned out as advertised, I stopped recommending projects. I’ll stick to that. But, as filmmakers, we must all be aware that things are changing. More and more films are being created outside the studio system, and some of them are very high quality.

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  6. Forbes Photography Tips For HDSLR Shooters - HDSLR Shooter

    Forbes’ list of “Six Ways To Get Better Photos From Your DSLR” is a great entry point for photographers and videographers alike to start improving their shots. Similar to last week’s article “5 DIY Lighting Techniques for Beginner Shooters”, these tips are all aimed at photographers. However many of them could easily be adapted to …

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  7. The new Hasselblad H5D-200c MS camera can reach 200MP resolution | Photo Rumors

    Hasselblad announced a new H5D-200c MS medium format camera (not to be confused with the current H5D-200MS model) that can reach 200 MP resolution with the

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  8. CPN Interviews the Men Behind the EOS-1 Series SLRs « Canon Rumors

    Canon is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the EOS-1 series, the company’s flagship range of SLR cameras, which began with the launch of the EOS-1 film SLR in 1989. CPN recently got the unique opp

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  9. Airport Lights Can Now Act as Surveillance Cameras | Fstoppers

    It is a known fact that places like airports or sports venues are equipped with hundreds of security cameras which can track and document any and all suspicious activity. You can usually spot them very easily in strategic areas on the ceiling, but now new technology is going to make them harder to recognize or avoid. New types of LED lights are making their way into high-profile venues, and they can do much more than just illuminate and lit the areas: they can track movement, record conversations and basically perform like any security camera currently out there.   

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  10. Nikon will also announce a new SB-500 Speedlight flash | Nikon Rumors

    In addition to the D750 DSLR camera, Nikon will also announce a new SB-500 Speedlight flash. The SB-400 has already been listed as discontinued (previously

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