1. There is still hope for a high-megapixel Canon EOS DSLR camera | Photo Rumors

    In a recent interview with the Japanese website DC.Watch, Canon’s representatives hinted again that they are looking forward to a new “high-resolution model

    planetMitch's insight:

    The megapixel race is still on?

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  2. Nauticam’s new underwater housing lets you go scuba diving with your Sony RX100 Mk III

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    The Sony RX100 Mk III is a serious powerhouse of a compact camera, delivering outstanding image quality in a pocket-sized package. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could take it along on your next scuba diving adventure? Now you can, thanks…

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  3. Rent the RED Epic Dragon Sensor Camera From Adorama Rental Co Today

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    Adorama Rental Co (ARC), the industry source for professional cinematographers, videographers and photographers, is now renting out the RED Epic Dragon Sensor digital cinema camera. The brand new 6K RED Dragon® sensor allows filmmakers to capture…

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  4. The Arctic Swell with Chris Burkard

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    We’ve featured him as our LensRentals Photographer of the Week and his incredible portfolio was quite a hit to the Photofocus community.  And to add some “wow” to his name, our friends at SmugMug j…

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  5. The Saline Project’s Awesome GIF Horror Series

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    Brothers Adam and Ben Toht and 3D artist Jesse Roff teamed up to bring us an awesome series of GIFs featuring the horror characters in history.

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  6. Lomography’s Cine200 Tungsten Film Is Based on Cinema Film

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    Lomography’s Cine200 Tungsten film may be tough to work with, but in the right hands it will be gorgeous.

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  7. Monday Like: The Most Quoted Man in News

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    "The Most Quoted Man in News" tells the story of Greg Packer, an average joe with an uncanny skill at making media appearances. Check out this great story.

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  8. Waves of Grain

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    Sometimes Mother Nature makes the movie, and human beings just have to figure out a way to watch it. Video designer Keith Skretch took a piece of wood and shaved it down a fraction of an inch at a time, taking a photograph after every pass — creating a kind of CT scan of a tree.

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  9. News Shooter | Defy G12 gimbal dances with Nikon D810 in ‘Dream Park’ – DP Anthony Arendt in conversation

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    Our friends at Defy were recently involved with the making of the Nikon USA promo film ‘Dream Park’ for theNikon D810. Defy’s Seth Compton was operating the D810 on a Defy G12 brushless gimbal for Director of Photography Anthony Arendt.

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  10. This Music Video WAs Filmed with a 360 GoPro Rig

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    While it isn’t the first video to make use of 360 GoPros, Wild Child’s “Rillo Talk” is the first music video to make effective, if slightly vertigo-inducing use of it.

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